It's a pleasure to meet you. There are many things I love including anime/manga, fanfiction and movie theatre popcorn.
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how to dress for your shape: are you human-shaped? play up your natural sex appeal by wearing whatever the fuck you want

Life Tip: As the weather gets warmer, continue to wear whatever the fuck you want. Flaunt everything or keep it cool under cover. Dress to make yourself feel rad.

how to get a bikini body:
put a bikini on your body

Want to look great naked? Take all your clothes off.

Every star may be a sun to someone.
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  • eating chocolate does not trigger migraine headaches,
  • eating chocolate reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer.
  • eating chocolate does not give someone acne or other skin eruptions,
  • eating chocolate boosts one’s appetite, but does not cause weight gain,
  • eating moderate amounts of chocolate makes one live almost a year longer,
  • eating chocolate releases endorphins in the brain, which act as pain-relievers,
  • the sugar in chocolate may reduce stress, and have calming and pain relieving effect,
  • eating chocolate makes you feel better after a Dementor attack.

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I told her once I wasn’t good at anything. She told me survival is a talent.
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this is by far my favorite comment on the video

橋と花海棠 (by Neconote)

Suzume Yosano (▰˘◡˘▰ ✿) 


whenever i need a laugh i remember that if he hadn’t died james potter would have been dudley’s uncle. Picture James interacting with dudley. just do it, picture the scene


573. Some of the muggleborns invite Hagrid to their underground movie night in the Room of Requirement when they watch How To Train Your Dragon.


A photo I took in the lovely old town of Saarburg in Germany, where there is a waterfall in the middle of the pedestrian area.